TextMarks API V2 - AutoDoc: RegisteredUser / create_textmark()

Method: create_textmark() (POST) - Register a new TextMark keyword

Package: RegisteredUser - Manage authenticated user's account/profile (... View package)


Req? Name Type Description Test
REQ auth_user User User account / phone# used for login
REQ auth_pass Password Password
REQ keyword String New TextMark keyword
OPT api_key API Key API Key (Register here)
OPT response SMS Text Text to respond with
OPT template String Configuration template
OPT program String Program to bind to



  • A TextMark is a keyword that people can text to 41411 (the TextMarks SMS shortcode) to retrieve information, coordinate group activities, or interact with other applications via SMS.
  • If template is specified, the configuration of the new TextMark will be determined by the built-in template specified. Valid templates:
    Default: No group features enabled, suitable for basic request/response.
    Users automatically join group by texting keyword. Group leader can broadcast alerts to members.
    Like broadcast, but users can also post messages that are broadcast to the group.
    Users can post messages which are sent directly to group leader only.
  • Templates provide initial option sets only, and all TextMarks can be fully managed and reconfigured using the TextMarkManager API package.
  • The TextMark is created in ad-free mode, with fallback to carrying ads if credits are exhausted. This behavior is adjustable via TextMarkManager.set_pro_config()
  • If no program is specified, the TextMark will be bound to the first compatible program if any are found. "Compatible" programs for automatic binding are either DEMO or not yet verified.
  • Call Anybody.keyword_status() to see if keyword is available first.
  • If keyword not available, error #2011 (ERR_REQUEST_INVALID_TM), and resmsg provides a reason.
  • If user has too many TextMarks already, error #2022 (ERR_REQUEST_OVER_LIMIT). Signing up for Pro Service allows creation of more keywords.


JSON response.head.rescode==0 for success, or error code otherwise.
JSON-P callback: (as 'jsonp' param, optional) (blank for none)


POST https://api2ssl.textmarks.com//RegisteredUser/create_textmark/


This page documents a single API function create_textmark() within the RegisteredUser package of the TextMarks Text Message API.
You may use the interactive form above to invoke this function and observe its actual JSON response.

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