TextMarks API V2 - AutoDoc: GroupLeader / messages()

Method: messages() (GET) - List recently posted group/TextMark messages

Package: GroupLeader - Broadcast and manage messages and members (... View package)


Req? Name Type Description Test
REQ auth_user User User account / phone# used for login
REQ auth_pass Password Password
REQ tm TextMark TextMark group led by auth_user
OPT api_key API Key API Key (Register here)
OPT since Timestamp Get only messages after this time (default 0)
OPT since_id Integer Get only messages after this ID (default 0)
OPT offset Integer 0-based result to start with (default 0)
OPT count Integer #results desired (max 100) (default 20)



  • Messages are returned with the newest first.
  • Each returned message will contain id, nick, name, phone, time, and msg.
  • The id value of newest message can be passed in as since_id on subsequent queries to find only newer message.
  • See Anybody.textmark_messages() which allows anybody to access the messages (so long as the TextMark's public flag publish_messages is set). Unlike this GroupLeader method, the Anybody version does not show phone#s.


JSON response.head.rescode==0 for success, or error code otherwise.
JSON-P callback: (as 'jsonp' param, optional) (blank for none)


GET https://api2ssl.textmarks.com//GroupLeader/messages/


This page documents a single API function messages() within the GroupLeader package of the TextMarks Text Message API.
You may use the interactive form above to invoke this function and observe its actual JSON response.

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