TextMarks API V2 - AutoDoc: GroupLeader

Package: GroupLeader - Broadcast and manage messages and members (... All packages)

This API package is for users who have been assigned "Group Leader" status on a specific TextMark and wish to broadcast messages, manage messages, manage members, etc. Each TextMark (identified by keyword) also represents a "group" with members who can communicate and coordinate with each other.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently the TextMark manager (the user who created the TextMark) is automatically assigned as the TextMark's group leader, and no additional leaders may be assigned. In the future, you will be able to appoint multiple group leaders.

All methods in this API package require both TextMarks authentication credentials (user nick or phone# and password/PIN) as well as the keyword of a TextMark for which that user is a group leader.

See RegisteredUser.create_textmark() for how to create a TextMark, and TextMarkManager.set_group_config() for how to enable and configure group mode.

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